On 07 November 2018 the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality will launch a campaign aimed at fighting the war against littering and illegal dumping. The launch will take place at Umtentweni, and is expected to be attended by various affected stakeholders.

This comes after the realization that there is an ongoing problem of littering and illegal dumping, making our area look dirty. This does not only make our towns look dirty, it also pollutes our environment, ruining our chances of being the municipality with the cleanest towns in the province.

The campaign will rest on four pillars:

-education. RNM will work with community champions who will educate and assist other community members in ensuring that every town, every surbub and every village is kept clean.

-law enforcement. Our law enforcement agencies will make sure that the municipal bylaws are adhered to, in particular the Integrated Waste Management and Nuisance bylaws.

-persecution. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Amongst its strategies, RNM aims to work with private security companies, who will be assisted to obtain Peace Officer status for them to be able to bring to book any wrongdoers

-partnerships. RNM will form partnerships with various structures including community organisations, law enforcement agencies and the private sector in order to ensure a harmonious working relationship in our pursuit to have the cleanest villages, towns and suburbs at Ray Nkonyeni.

Issued by
Simon M April
Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications
+27 72 057 5387
+27 86 529 7121
Simon.April@rnm.gov.za / Simon.Apri95@gmail.com