A new Crematorium is to be constructed at Izotsha Memorial Park in order to meet people’s expectations.
The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has started with designs for a new crematorium to be constructed in the Izotsha Memorial Park. This should be taken as the actual fact in contrast to the report that was saying the municipality was intending to renovate the old burnt one. The funding that has been made available for this purpose, construction of the new crematorium is currently at R10 million.
As the government that is based on principles of democracy, non-racialism and non-sexism, the new crematorium would be opened to all members of the public and those who believe in cremation would be encouraged to make use of the facility once it has been constructed.  The design for the new crematorium that will be constructed would be such that it meets the required service standards for such a facility and ensure that the needs of the users are accommodated accordingly.
It is important that members of the public be aware that such a facility or service is opened to all those who wish to use it and it is not reserved for a particular segment of the public hence such an investment is made.