28 November 2017

At its meeting today Council received the final report of the Public Protector on the objection lodged by the Concerned Citizens group against council resolution which approved an application by the South African National Naturist Association to demarcate part of Mpenjathi beach as a naturist- friendly beach in 2014.

In the report the Public Protector has ruled amongst others, that the allegation that Council improperly designated Mpenjathi estuary as a nudist-friendly beach and failed to follow proper consultation processes to be substantiated, and therefore Council must reconsider its resolution passed in 2014.

It is the view of Council that the Public Protector has not given substantive reasons to arrive at the conclusion on which the order is made, particularly in light of the fact that Council made detailed submissions to that effect in its response to an interim report which was fowarded by the same office earlier this year.

It nonetheless remains the duty of Council to abide by the decisions and orders by lawful institutions of our country, including the office of the Public Protector. In this regard Council has resolved to rescind the resolution in question in its entirety. Furthermore it will advise the custodians of the application, the Naturist Association of the determination; who are at liberty to take the matter further should they wish to do so.

The municipality wishes to thank the members of the public who have engaged on this matter in the true spirit of our democracy. We will continue to value the protection of our Bill of Rights that affords equal treatment to all citizens regardless of colour, creed, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. 

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