Ray Nkonyeni Municipality is stunned by the escalating high rate of cable and copper theft especially in areas around Marburg and Port Shepstone which has resulted to power outages and non-functioning or dysfunctional of traffic lights in recent times.

The most recent affected area is Merlewood Traffic Lights on N2 where within a period of a month there has been more than four incidents of thefts. Port Shepstone area and mainly on Berea Road has also been affected by these incidents with three incidents in three days. The municipality would like to call upon for cooperation from the community to serve as eyes and ears for law enforcement agencies to fight against this criminal activity which does not only put the lives of road users at risk but also affecting the purse of the municipality.

There has been a concerted effort to address these escalating incidents where all affected stakeholders, like law enforcement agencies and businesses are working together. Patrols by enforcement agencies will be intensified mainly on the affected areas but also working with businesses other security measures, like installation of alarm systems, motion detectors and security lighting will be introduced where it is necessary.

RNM would like to call upon the community to join forces with all stakeholders and report these incidents as they happen. These incidents can be reported to 039 682 5555 or to law enforcement agencies and we wish to emphasise that those found to transgress the law, will face harsher arm of the law.