Ray Nkonyeni Municipality is one of the few municipalities in the whole of South Africa that have received a clean audit report for 2016/2017 financial year.

The Auditor-General, Mr Kimi Makwetu expressed disappointment that recommendations made by his office to improve accountability and audit outcomes did not receive the necessary attention by most municipalities. This came when he was releasing audit outcomes for 2016/2017 for 257 municipalities and 21 municipal entities which showed terrific regression. The report showed that only 33 municipalities, which is 13% who managed to produce quality financial statements and performance reports and complied with all key legislation, therefore receiving clean audit. Ray Nkonyeni Municipality is one of the 33 (13%) municipalities and the only one from those that were only formed after August 2016 Local Government Elections as a result of amalgamation or others having to be incorporated that has obtained a clean audit outcomes.

For Ray Nkonyeni Municipality to obtain a clean audit report is a great achievement considering the fact that the process of amalgamation or merger was not an easy one since it involved consolidation of different systems and policies and also settlement of employees under one organisational culture. Though the process was a mammoth task which had some challenges, both political and administration of the new municipality showed determination of establishing a formidable and reliable institution which abides by principles of good governance.

Ray Nkonyeni Municipality is part of the three and six municipalities within the Ugu District and KwaZulu-Natal Province respectively to have received the clean audit report for the 2016/2017 financial year. In her presentation of the budget this morning, Her Worship the Mayor of Ray Nkonyeni Municipality congratulated both political and administration components of the municipality for having worked together to ensure that the municipality receives a clean audit outcome. This, according to the Mayor showed that public funds are handled with diligence, integrity and in accordance with the all relevant legislation. She emphasised that such performance needs to be maintained or improved as regression is not an option.

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