Council respects and appreciates the rights of workers enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa, Labour Relations Act as amended and other relevant pieces of legislation to withdraw their labour if they want to register their concerns or unhappiness through demonstration. On the same page we would like to register our concerns for the disregard of the processes leading to the strike action as per the section 69 of the labour relations act as amended.

This concern is raised in the best interest of the Municipality given the fact that employees embarking on unprotected strike may be charged and dismissed in terms of labour relations act as amended.

The municipality want to encourage SAMWU leadership to familiarize themselves with section 69 of the Labour Relations Act as amended and other relevant legislations giving guidance to strike or protest action/s. We strongly feel that unprotected strike expose our employees whom we value so much and may make them worse off.

The municipality further want to remind SAMWU that those Heads of Departments (HOD’s) or Senior Managers like all other employees are employed in terms of the legislations which protect them from unfair dismissal. The reasons given by SAMWU do not warrant Council to dismiss the two mentioned HOD’s. We would like to encourage SAMWU to present to the Municipal Manager further information that may be in breach of their contract to support their demand. The two mentioned HODs and other Senior Managers are discharging their responsibilities as per their employment contract and performance agreements. Council dismisses the baseless demand to dismiss the two mentioned HODs given the reasons for the call.

Council is committed to create conducive environment for sound employer and employee relationship that benefit both parties and maximize service delivery. Council promises to honour undertaking made in the response given to SAMWU on Tuesday the 22nd of August 2017.

For more information contact:
Simon M April
Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications
Ray Nkonyeni Municipality
10 Connor Street