At the Council meeting held today, the municipality praised itself on its performance for the financial year 2016/17 through more rigorous reporting mechanisms implemented which have ensured that the municipality achieved 91% of its set targets.

This highlights the positive strides taken by both the political and administrative leadership in ensuring that a culture of improved service delivery and reporting thereof is promoted.

Council is also of the view that the reporting systems within the Departments, Portfolio Committees and also at SDBIP level is continuously improving towards ensuring that the municipality and the public is given credible information regarding the work that is being done by the Municipality.

For the financial year under review, the municipality had achieved about 314 out of 345 targets set and at this stage we can confirm that there is still room for improvement. The municipality would like to highlight that our Corporate Services and Public Safety Departments managed to achieve the highest percentage with 100% of set targets achieved.

In the same vein, other departments also made good strides in achieving their set targets and this is a positive step with regards to the municipality’s ambition of achieving a clean audit.

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