As per its own review and assessment, Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has achieved almost all its establishment milestones within a period of eleven months. This positive achievement was due to the collective effort by all municipality`s key stakeholders including municipal leadership, employees and organized labour.

The municipality is of the view that this assessment will bear positive results in terms accelerating productivity in performing public service mandates and bringing decent services in a fast pace to our communities. To date we have achieved the following milestones which indicate our success, namely the establishment of Council and its Committees, functioning Ward Committees, approved organogram, placement of employees, consolidation of payroll and documented our Valuation roll.

In addition other achievements includes the approval of the Special Development Framework (SDF) and Integrated Development Plan(IDP), consolidation of Financial Management System, approval of Integrated Waste Management Plan(IWMP), branding of the municipality, approval of the vision, mission and core values, job evaluation process and many other key milestones.

Our immediate tasks that need finalization within three (3) months are; Work Study Exercise, reviewal of Supply Chain Management Policy (SCM) to respond to the call of Radical Socio-Economic Transformation, Reviewal of Development Attraction Strategy and the reviewal of Local Economic Strategy.

Currently, the municipality is also preparing for its first audit and we are determined to get a Clean Audit. In this regard all stakeholders will be expected to pull in one direction in order to realize this best audit outcome.  Lastly we are now finalizing the Vision 2036 Plan which will be adopted before the end of the year. This plan will play a key role to our Vision 2036.The municipality would like to thanks all those who whole-heartedly participated in the processes.