The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has been selected to participate in the Small Town Regeneration Program and the Port Shepstone has been selected to be the focus area of this program.

This follows a studio session between the management and the representatives of National Treasury held at the Council Chamber yesterday which focused on a work plan for the implementation of this program.

These good news were also revealed by the correspondence addressed to the municipality by the National Treasury Department which confirmed that Port Shepstone is the administrative capital, service center and economic hub of Ray Nkonyeni jurisdiction.

In addition the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy identified Port Shepstone as a provincial secondary node, an urban center with good existing economic development and potential for growth and services to the regional economy.

It is anticipated that once this program is fully implemented, it will have an impact in attracting investment and create a conducive environment for tourism to flourish. Furthermore the program will see the outlook of the town being uplifted in order attract various businesses.

All the mentioned aspects of the Small Town Regeneration Program combined will add value in tackling the triple challenges such as unemployment, inequality and poverty. The municipality is also confident that this town has a great potential due to the fact that Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has invested in infrastructure and human development, which are the key pillars of this program

Ray Nkonyeni Municipality is also delighted that there are many partners in this program which will ensure that it becomes a success and they are as follows; National Treasury, Department of Rural Development and Land Reforms (DRDLR), Department of Cooperative Government (DCoG) and South African Local Government Association (SALGA).

For more information contact:
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