Once again it has come to the attention of Ray Nkonyeni municipality that some rouge elements are luring desperate job seekers with promises of secure employment for a fee.

This is as a result of several positions that were advertised in local newspapers a few weeks ago. We would like to caution members of the public that in terms of recruitment, the municipality follows a transparent, legal process which involves inviting applications, which are then scanned and shortlisted as per job requirement. Thereafter a process of interviews ensues after which a successful candidate is appointed.

At no stage is anyone required to pay for any position, and any person who purports to be in a position to deliver any job is not telling the truth. Therefore the public is warned not to fall for such scams, and in fact, we strongly encourage such individuals to be reported to the municipality via our Customer Care line.

We also remind members of the public that the canvassing of councilors or officials by prospective employees is strictly prohibited.