RNM Council considers an over R1, 1 billion budget for the betterment of the lives of the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality citizens.
The tabled budget comprises of the Operating Income Budget projected at R930 million, Six Hundred and Thirty Five Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Three Rand and largely comprised of the following:
  • Equitable share of R185 million Three Hundred and Twenty Four Thousand Rand as per Division of Revenue Act. This represents a 5.5% increase;
  • Rates revenue of R404 million Seven Hundred and Fifty Six Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Two Rand, based on the valuation roll which was implemented from 01 July 2017;
  • An increase of 5, 2 % for refuse and other tariffs, with the exception of electricity, which is anticipated to increase by 6, 84% pending NERSA approval
When presenting the budget the Mayor highlighted the following few items for the Operational Expenditure:
  • Salaries and allowances which are budgeted at 7 percent increase for officials;
  • General expenses are budgeted for R534.8 million which indicates an increase of 6, 6% and this is about 57, 5 percent of the total expenditure;
  • Repairs and Maintenance costs are projected at over R54 million;
  • Youth empowerment programs have an allocation of R2,4 million;
  • Support to Cooperatives has an allocation of R1,2 million whilst R1, 5 million is allocated for SMME support and initiatives;
  • Other LED initiatives are projected at R2, 65 million and these will be implemented by LED Section targeting youth and women initiatives to ensure that a fair allocation of the budget is directed towards vulnerable groups
The Capital Budget of R223. 1 million considered is financed through grants such Municipal Infrastructure Grant, Housing Grant, Provincial Treasury (on Technology Hub), Department of Transport (Intermodal Facility), other grants as well as internal funding. This Capital Budget seeks to deliver on basic needs for our people is allocated to Cluster Projects, Municipal Wide Projects and Departmental Capital Projects.
The total approved Budget for Ray Nkonyeni Municipality for 2018/2019 is R1 billion, One Hundred and Sixty Nine million, Six Hundred and Sixty Four Thousand and Twenty Two Rand. The total expenditure stands at R1 billion, One Hundred and Sixty Eight million, Four Hundred and Ninety Three Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty Four Rand and this presents a surplus of R1 million, One Hundred and Seventy Thousand Five Hundred and Thirty Nine rand.
In her presentation, the Mayor highlighted that the budget represents the aspirations of all the people.
Issued by
Simon M April
Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications
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