The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality approved the 2017/2018 Adjustment Budget of R1, 032. 9 billion at the Council meeting held earlier today.

The adjustment of the budget was mainly as a result of several factors such as revenue, provision for salaries and allowances due to equalization as a result of amalgamation, bulk purchases, contracted services and grants from other spheres of government.

When presenting the Adjustment Budget, Her Worship the Mayor highlighted a number of projects allocated to municipal clusters, which amount close to R140 million excluding the projects which are regarded as municipal wide projects and departmental capital items. The total budget is made up of the Operating Budget of R889, 9 million and Capital Budget of R142, 9 million.

The Mayor emphasised that despite the current challenges in the economy in general, the municipality had to ensure that it continues to change the lives of the communities for the better. She further highlighted that this budget will go a long way towards fulfilling the vision of the Freedom Charter that South Africa belongs to all who live in it.

The detailed adjusted budget will be accessible in the municipal website

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