Ray Nkonyeni Municipality would like to issue a strong call to those businesses which are operating illegally or without business licenses within its jurisdiction to register their businesses before the end of December 2018.

The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has conducted an investigation which has established that there are a number of businesses that are operating without business licenses and therefore operating illegally. This may warrant a heavy fine and even closure of the business up until it is properly registered.

All businesses that are not licensed are given a grace period to register between now and end of December 2018 and as from 01 January 2019 the municipality will act swiftly against those who are illegally operate their businesses. All businesses operating within the jurisdiction of Ray Nkonyeni Municipality are therefore called upon to ensure that they obtain business licenses by registering from our Development Planning Services in the Local Economic Development offices which are located in the Old Post Office Building in Wooley Street and the contact person is Mr Philani Khambule at Philani.Khambule@rnm.gov.za or on 0396882272.

Issued by
Simon M April
Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications
+27 72 057 5387
+27 86 529 7121
Simon.April@rnm.gov.za / Simon.Apri95@gmail.com