This Department is based in two offices, 666 Crescent Road, Uvongo, Civic Offices as well as Cnr Wooley & Robinson Street, Old Post Office Building, Port Shepstone.

Roles and Functions

The Department of Economic Development and Town Planning has two main functions, land use management and economic development facilitation. It therefore plays a critical role directing economic development agenda of Council as well as managing how such development expresses itself in the physical space. The economic development role includes both the mainstream economic development and growth issues as well as poverty alleviation. It has a mandate to ensure the economy of the area is well managed to enable continuous economic growth, broadening of participation and geographic spread of wealth and economic activities and poverty alleviation. In other words, its task includes that of economic transformation. As such it responsible to identify new economic activities in line with its mandate and ways to strengthen the existing businesses and its activities include but is not limited to issuing and renewal of business licenses. With regards to the economic development and growth, the department manages and is assisted in this task by the Council owned Hibiscus Coast Development Agency.

On the land use management matters the department manages compliance of development with environmental management laws. It is also tasked to process development controls, land administration, and building controls. In doing its task it manages the land and development data and is therefore a custodian for the Geographic Information Systems. The department is in a nutshell responsible for compliance and controls regarding built environment legislation.​

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Lerato Madihlaba
Manager Town Planning
Telephone: 039 315 9218
Email:  Lerato.Madihlaba@rnm.gov.za

Mr Ravi Naidoo
Senior Manager Building Control
Telephone: 039 315 9219
Email: ravi.naidoo@rnm.gov.za

Mr Philani Khambule
Manager Local Economic Development
Telephone: 039 688 2272
Email: philani.khambule@rnm.gov.za

Ms Feziwe Mhlongo
Manager: Environmental Management and Signage Control
Telephone: 039 688 2277
Email: Feziwe.mhlongo@rnm.gov.za

Ms Yolanda van Rensberg
Manager: Aviation Services
Telephone: 039 313 0560
Email: Yolanda.VanRensburg@rnm.gov.za


Mr Khethukuthula Zulu
Head of Department: Development Planning Services
Fax: 086 529 7128
Email: khetha.zulu@rnm.gov.za

Ms Karen Smart
Personal Assistant
Telephone: 039 315 9258
Email: Karen.Smart@rnm.gov.za